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By-laws: The Georgia Forestry Pageant Bylaws state the purpose of the Georgia Forestry Pageant shall be to offer educational opportunities to young ladies and promote Forestry for the State of Georgia. The Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant is an Incorporated Non-profit Educational Association. The Miss Georgia Forestry State Scholarship Pageant is the oldest Scholarship Pageant in the State of Georgia, going into the 64th year.  We are much more than giving crowns and trophies.  Yes, we give huge scholarships and extra nice prizes, but added to the list is promoting Forestry.   If you are reliable, enjoy meeting people, and making public appearances, we would love to have you come and be part of the Georgia Forestry Family and promote Georgia's Number One Industry, Forestry. 
We have listed below some common questions and contacts about the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant.  If you have a question, please feel free to contact the appropriate person that will be able to answer your questions. 
Where do I find the rules, fees, and applications for the State Forestry Pageant?
What are the duties of the State Forestry Pageant President/Director?
The State Forestry Pageant President/Director  is in charge of coordinating the State Forestry Pageant for the State of Georgia.   Other duties of the State Forestry Pageant  Director:  Coordinating the bookings and travels of the State Forestry Queens. making sure all prizes are received, coordinating the events of the State Forestry Pageant, working with contestants competing at large(meaning contestants who do not have a local pageant, but compete at the State Forestry Pageant to represent their county or college), working with all contestants competing at the Miss Georgia Forestry State Pageant,  and publicity of the State Pageant.  Questions about the State Forestry Queens and the Georgia Forestry State Pageant should be handled by the State Forestry Pageant Director. 
Who is the President/Director and what is the contact address?
Dianne Dominy is the President/Director, she can be reached by emailing her at and put attention Dianne Dominy.

What is the Advisory Board?
The Advisory Board is a group of Volunteers who meet with the State Director and offer advice and assistance in planning the State Forestry Pageant, helping with prizes, and scholarships.  Serves as
Representatives to Local Forestry Directors.  Advisory Board does not vote. Advisory Board members are from all over the State of Georgia.
Who are the Advisory Board Members?
The Advisory Board Members are:
Artie Eld, Kathy Murphy, Judy Dale Lott, Esther Payne, Connie Luke, Lisa Sellars, Jaquie Riner, James Connor, Tommy Ganas, Tina Guess, Jackie Young, Sonya McDonald, Terri Fletcher, Jenny Guy, Leah Farrow, Sheila Raiford, Marie Browning, Carrie McCalvin, Annie Morgan, Jessica Sulatycki, and Sara Hall
How do I contact the Advisory Board?
Email the Georgia Forestry Pageant at
and put attention Advisory Board and members name.
How can I become a part of the Advisory Board, or start a Local Forestry Pageant in my county?
You will need to submit an application to the Georgia Forestry Pageant Board.
What is a Local Forestry Pageant?
Some counties hold Local Forestry Pageants.  These Forestry Pageants are independantly Directed with a Board and Director.  The Director is approved on a yearly basis by the Director of the Georgia Forestry Pageant.  The Local Queens represent their local titles at the Miss Georgia Forestry State Pageant in June each year.   Local Directors must have their contestants follow the same rules as the Georgia Forestry State Pageant for their contestants to be eligible for participation in the Georgia Forestry State Pageant.  Local Directors are responsible for their own Local Forestry Queens. Questions about Local Forestry Queens should be handled with the Local Directors. 
The State Forestry Director is responsible for the State Queens and is not responsible for the Local Queens.  Funds raised at the Local Forestry Pageants remains with the Local Forestry Pageant.  Local Forestry Pageants do not receive funds from the State Forestry Pageant and the State Forestry Pageant does not receive funds from the Local Forestry Pageants.  To contact a Local Director in your county and for your convenience we have listed local applications and rules and regulations for local pageants on our website.  
Where do I find rules, fees, and applications for Local Forestry Pageants?
Are all Local Forestry Pageants alike?
All Local Directors have to use the same rules and regulations as the State Forestry Pageant so their queens will be eligible for the State Forestry Pageant.  Other than the rules, it is up to the Local Director and Local Board on how they run their pageant, therefore all Local Pageants will not be alike.
What counties have Local Forestry Pageants and Who are the Directors of Local Forestry Pageants?
Columbia County/Kerri Morrison-Director
Madison/Elbert County/Louise McElroy-Director
Richmond County/Kerri Morrison-Director
Wilcox County/Dianne Dominy-Karen Bloodworth-Directors
Lowndes/Lanier County/Leah McMillan-Tonya Gregory-Directors
Pierce County/Jennifer Mosely-Shelley Howard-Directors
Treutlen County/Sheila Raiford-Director
Bacon County/Jennifer Mosely-Shelley Howard-Directors
Candler County/Kerri Morrison-Director
Sumter County/Crystal Mays-Director
Ware County/Jenny Guy-Director
Glenn County/Kerri Morrison-Director
Laurens County/Sheila Raiford-Director
Wayne County/Jennifer Mosely-Director
Evans County/Ruthie Smoak-Shelma Lewis-Directors
Chatham County/Ruthie Smoak-Shelma Lewis-Directors
Long County/Erin Houston-Director
Telfair County/Pat and Deidre Hadden-Directors
Tift County/Dianne Dominy-Director
Worth County/Sonya McDonald-Director
Wheeler County/Pat and Deidre Hadden-Directors
Lee County/Michelle Warren-Director
Appling County/Cheryl Knight-Director
Dougherty County/Sara Hall-Director
Colquitt County/Katrina Gay and Lea Hawkins-Directors
Cook County/Heather Moore and Angi McClain-Directors
Ben Hill/Irwin County/Vickie Brown-Director
Toombs County/Leah Farrow-Director
Whitfield County/Bridgett Phillips-Director
Macon County/James Connor-Director
Decatur County/Ronnie Martin-Director
Bulloch County/Bonnie Peery-Director
Brantley County/Terri Fletcher-Director
Coffee County/Jessica Sulatycki-Director
Randolph/Terrell County/Sara Hall-Director
Emanuel County/Leah Farrow-Director
Murray County/Bridgett Phillips-Director
Crisp/Dooly County/Suk Harper-Director
Liberty County/Gail Standard-Rita Watson-Directors
Montgomery County/Bonnie Peery-Director
Houston County/Dot Carr-Director
Bartow County/Bridgett Phillips-Director
Clinch County/Tina Guess-Director
Miller/Seminole County/Crystal Stallings-Director
Gordon County/Bridgett Phillips-Director
Berrien County/Annie Morgan-Director
Echols County/Annie Morgan-Director
Tattnall County/Leah Farrow-Director
Pickens County/Bridgett Phillips-Director
Dodge County/Pat and Deidre Hadden-Directors
Jeff Davis County/Pat and Deidre Hadden-Directors
Bryan County/Bonnie Peery-Director
Gilmer County/Bridgett Phillips-Director
Brooks County/Marie Browning-Director
Early County/Melanie Brown-Director
Putnam County/Putnam County High FFA-Directors
Cherokee County/Bridgett Phillips-Director
How do I contact the Local Directors?
You can find Local Directors email addresses and contact numbers at
If I decide to compete in a Local Forestry Pageant and win, what is expected of me?
If you win a Local Forestry title, you are expected to represent that county at the State Forestry Pageant.  You are also expected to promote Forestry the upcoming year for your County Forestry title.
If you are interested in meeting people, making public appearances,  and promoting Forestry, we welcome you to be part of the Local Forestry families.  If you are not willing to promote Forestry and be dedicated to your Local Forestry title, then the Local Forestry Pageants are probably not for you.
I hold other titles, can I compete in a local Forestry Pageant?
We don't care what titles you hold to compete in a local Forestry Pageant, but if you should become a Local or State Forestry Queen, you can only promote your Local or State Forestry title.  Yes, if you hold a title and win a Local Forestry Pageant, you can go back and relinquish your title in the previous pageant as long as you do not have a forestry event the same day.
I hold a Local Forestry title, can I compete in other pageants?
You can compete in other pageants, if you are within three months of giving up your local Forestry title and you are granted permission from your local Director.  You will remain responsible for promoting your local Forestry title  until the remainder of your reign.  This rule also applies to Local Forestry Queens competing in other Local Forestry Pageants.  Local Forestry Queens can compete in other pageants that do not require appearances, but they must get permission from their local directors. 
Do I have to win a pageant to compete at State Forestry?
If you have a pageant in your county, you must win a Local Pageant to compete at Miss Georgia Forestry.  If you are in college, you can be the first to enter from your college or represent the County that your college is in. If you are in Tiny, Little, Junior, or Teen you can compete in any local pageant.  If you do not have a Local Pageant in your county,  you can still represent your county at the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant, you must be the first to enter in your age group.  We only accept one contestant per county and one contestant per college.
What are the judging criteria's for the Local and State Pageant?
The Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant is not a beauty pageant, it is a scholarship program.  Teen and Miss contestants are scored 25% platform speech(on the speaking ability of their speech), 25% evening gown, and 50% on private interview.  A top 10 onstage interview that counts 25% to the total scoring.  Tiny, Little, and Junior contestants are scored a 1 to 10 on personality, beauty, poise, gown, and overall appearance. 
What information goes on my Bio sheet?
Any activities and accomplishments that are important to you that you would like to share with the judges. These activities can be activities that you are currently involved in or past activities that you participated in.  The Bio sheet should be neat, preferably typed, the judges will receive a copy of these.  Always submit your current mailing address, phone number, and email address.  When furnishing information on the Bio sheet, do not exceed the lines given.
Is previous pageant experience required to compete in the Forestry Pageant?
No,  previous pageant experience is not required to compete in the Forestry Pageant.  We have many contestants to win their first pageant at the Forestry Pageant and we have many contestants who have competed all their life win the Forestry Pageant.  It all depends on the contestant's ability.
Have more questions, please feel free to email us at  

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