Contestants Order of Appearance
In Memory of Sydney Ridings
Wesleyan College

Baby Miss Contestants

1. K.G. Tift County

2. M.G. Candler County

3. M.J. Emanuel County

4. W. G. Decatur County

5. P.B. Houston County

6. R.C. Crisp County

7. L. H. Tattnall County

8. R.H. Toombs County

9. A.S. Montgomery County

10. C.W. Toombs County

11. K.S. Charlton County

12. H.C. Webster County

13. B.B. Tift Coutnty

14. V.D. Emanuel County

15. M.C. Tattnall County

16, R. H. Bulloch County

17. P.C. Tifton Georgia

Teeny Miss Contestants

22. S.M. Toombs County

23. A.T. Decatur County

24. L. M. Sumter County

25. K.P. Colquitt County

26. K. G Tift County

27. C.C. Wayne County

28. E.C. Baker County

29. S.K. Rockdale County

30. E. G. Pine Tree Festival

31. R.H. Berrien County

34. C.B. Charlton County

Tiny Miss Contestants

35. A.J. Tift County

36. J. J. Decatur County

37. M.C. Houston County

38. H.P. Rockdale County

39. T. M. Camden County

40. H.O. Toombs County

41. A.G. Berrien County

42. C.M. Pierce County

43. A.G. Decatur County

44. A.C. Liberty County

45. M. D. Turner County

46. K.W. Glynn County

47. K. D. Charlton County

48. J. S. Charlton County

49. D. Y. Houston County

50. R. A. Lee County

51. D.L. Bryan County

Little Miss Contestants

55. B.A. Pine Tree Festival

56. F. W. Rockdale County

57. A. B. Clayton County

58. A. B Bryan County

59. A. B. Appling County

Junior Miss Contestants

65. R. R. Evans County

66. K.L. Sumter County

67. C.C.

68. M. T. Glynn County

69. C. S. Tift County

70. A B. Toombs County

Teen Miss Contestants

75. M.B. Oglethorpe County

76. D. H. Harris County

77. M. A. Appling County

78. K. S. Marion County

79. T.W. Wayne County

80. K. K. Emanuel County

81. E. B. Houston County

82. M.S. Tift County

83. A. J. Thomas County

Miss Contestants

90. S.B. Toombs County

91. M.J. Tattnall County

92. A.R. Tift County

93. B.D. Pine Tree Festival

94. H.O. Montgomery County

95. H.M. Henry County

96. E. Y. Evans County

97. B.V. Cook County

98. S.M. Glynn County

99. J.J. Dekalb County

100. V. W. Houston County

Ms. Contestants

110. A. A. Tift County

11. Autumn Skye Booth Fulton County Edit Text

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