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Annual Miss Georgia Forestry State Scholarship Pageant - Rules

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(1) Contestants must compete in the age division according to their age the day of the State Pageant. Must be a legal resident of Georgia.

(2) Must submit a copy of your birth certificate with the application.

(3) May be sponsored by friends, family or businesses, if you are coming at large. Local winners will be sponsored by local pageant. If you win a local pageant and you do not attend the state pageant, you will be responsible for refunding your state entry fee to your local director.

(4) Must sell (4) Good luck ads at $25.00 each to go in the program book. You may get ads from friends, family or businesses. Ad page must be submitted camera ready and typed in bold black. You can lay page out the way you want to, just include contestants name, parents, sponsor, and county. County is the county that you are representing. Leave room above the name, parents, sponsors, and county and paste in your wallet photo. Paste original wallet photo onto ad page, do not use scanned pictures, they do not reproduce well. Do not gym clip or staple picture, use rubber cement glue and paste original picture onto ad page. Ad pages must be typset in bold, black and white lettering. No color graphics or text. Color pictures or black and white pictures are o.k. to use.

(5) Baby, Teeny, Tiny, Little, Junior, and Teen is open to one contestant per county in each age division. Only one contestant per county or per college for the Miss Division. If you have a pageant in your county, it is mandatory that the queen represent your county. Check with the Georgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Association, Inc.(known hereinafter as GFPEA) and if you do not have a pageant then the GFPEA will take the first girl to enter from that county. If you are registered at a school in a county then you can represent that county or your school or college. All contestants must work, reside, or attend school in the county if they are coming at large. If a contestant is competing in a county pageant, she must reside, work or go to school in the district she is competing in. If you have already won the state pageant, you cannot compete again on the local or state forestry pageant level until you change age groups. If you work in a county that you are representing, you must submit a paycheck stub and letter from your employer and must have worked in that county for at least 3 months or if you attend school or college, you must submit a letter from the school or college and must have completed one semester.

(6) You do not have to win a local pageant to compete. If you do not have a pageant in your county, you just have to be the first to enter in your age division from your county.

(7) If named queen, cannot represent or promote any other title. Must promote only Forestry for the upcoming year. Teeny, Tiny, Little, Junior, and Teen can compete in other pageants as long as they do not interfere and require appearances and promotion. The decision of interference will be at the sole discrepancy of the GFPEA.

(8) Must agree to promote your State Forestry title only.

(9) Must always act in a ladylike manner.

(10) Must get permission from the GFPEA before promoting the Forestry for any event. The only reimbursable expenses that the Miss queen will receive are motel expenses for events that are approved by the GFPEA, any other expenses will be the responsibility of the queen.

(11) Must get permission from the GFPEA before competing in other pageants.

(12) Queens will get scholarship money at the end of her reign, provided she fulfills her duties as Miss Georgia Forestry Queen.

(13) Contestants must have never been married or never been pregnant, or never convicted of a crime. Queens cannot marry or become pregnant or be convicted of a crime during their reign.

(14) A contestant agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the GFPEA now in affect or announced thereafter.

(15) The pageant will be conducted under the rules established by GFPEA and a contestant agrees that the time, manner and method of judging the pageant shall be solely within the discretion of the GFPEA and the decision of the judges will be final.

(16) Anyone acting in a disorderly way will be disqualified without refund.

(17) No refunds unless pageant should be canceled.

(18) The deadline to enter is April 1, 2017 for contestants entering at large or the first contestant we receive per county. Contestants winning local pageants must have their information submitted to the state four weeks after winning their local or April 5th whichever comes first and you must enclose a wallet photo, black & white or color for the program book along with your camera ready page. If you do not have your state packet into state after four weeks of winning your local, you will be charged a $25.00 late fee and your local county pageant has the right to replace you with 1st runnerup.

(19) If named queen, you must be on time for all the appointments and if named queen, the queen must give a phone number and the address where she can be reached at all times by the GFPEA. Queens reign and appearance shall be handled solely within the GFPEA and the Queen. No other family members or friends shall be involved with these activities. Queens must wear crown and banner, and shall dress appropriately for all occasions.

(20) A contestant must be of good moral character and shall not have been convicted of any crimes and shall possess poise, personality, intelligence, and charm.

(21) No Cameras of any nature allowed in the building or on the premises. We will have a videographer and a photographer for your convenience. No cell phones, beepers, or electronic equipment allowed in the building. Contestants will be disqualified if a family member or members of her entourage are caught breaking any of the GFPEA rules.

(22) If entering photogenic, pictures must be mailed no later than April 1, 2017.

(22) A $40.00 service charge will be charged for returned checks. The GFPEA does not accept personal checks. Payments must be made by business checks, cashier's checks, money orders, or cash.

(23) No Food or Drinks in the Auditorium.

(24) Should there be a problem of any kind during the pageant, or related events, the contestants are to go directly to the GFPEA. Any unruly, unsportsmanlike, or unbecoming conduct by a contestant or any member of her entourage, or any disregard for the rules and regulations of this pageant could result in immediate dismissal from further competition without refund. Depending upon the severity of the action or behavior, it could result in a permanent barrier from future competition in the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant, to be decided upon by the GFPEA.

(25) If named queen and for some reason, title is revoked, you will have to return all prizes such as but not limited to crown, banner, crowning pin, scholarships, and all prizes presented to the queen on the night she wins to the GFPEA. If your title is revoked on the local forestry or state forestry pageant level, you can never compete in a local or state forestry pageant.

(26) No Soliciting of any kind is allowed at the pageant or in the building. This means no passing out of other materials, applications and so forth.

(27) Queens will keep their crown, banner and all prizes at the end of their reign. Queens cannot wear the Georgia Forestry crown, banner, crowning pin and so forth to promote another pageant after they give up their State Forestry title. If caught doing so, the GFPEA has the right to ask for the crown, banner, and crowning pin to be returned to the GFPEA.

(28) These rules apply to Teeny, Tiny, Little, Junior, Teen, and Miss contestants competing for the titles of Miss Georgia Forestry and if named Teeny, Tiny, Little, Junior, Teen, or Miss Georgia Forestry, these rules will stay in effect until the Georgia Forestry Queens fulfill their year and relinquish their title on the date that is set by the GFPEA for the next following State Pageant.

(29) If ordering magnetic signs for car, these must be ordered immediately after winning your local pageant. Contact the GFPEA to order signs.

(30) All contestants in the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant will advance to the Miss US National Forestry Pageant. The National Forestry Pageant is also held in Tifton, Georgia

(31) Motel Reservations must be made at the Comfort Inn or Country Inn Suites in Tifton, Georgia by April 1, 2017. No exceptions!! You must fax or mail in the reservation form to get the special rate. If you plan on driving back and forth to the pageant from home, that is o.k. We just ask that if you need a motel, that you stay at the Country Inn Suites or the Comfort Inn. The Country Inn Suites and Comfort Inn are our designated state headquarters. Both motels are on the same property. Check in time at the motel is 3:00 if you are competing in Baby, Teeny and Tiny Miss you will need to make a reservation for June 9th as well so you will have your room to get ready. Anyone acting in a disorderly way to the motel staff will be asked to leave.

(32) Dates for State Pageant shall be June 9th for Baby, Teeny and Tiny, June 10th for Little and Junior with rehearsal being on June 8th. June 17th for Teen and Miss with Teen and Miss reporting on June 15th.

(33) Tiny through Miss must do a simple Miss America type walk. No proam or commercial type walk. Pageant Dress or Gown as well as hair and makeup is of the choice of the contestant.

(34)A Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen will be announced in each age group. This is optional and the fee is $50.00.

(35) We will announce a People's Choice Winner in each age group. The winner will receive a tiara and trophy. You must collect atleast $300.00 to be eligible. The contestant from all the divisions with the most money collected will be named Miss Hospitality Queen. The Miss Hospitality Queen will be a State Queen and receive the same prizes as all the other State Queens as well as having the opportunity to make appearances with all the State Queens. Miss Hospitality contestants must collect atleast $500.00. All People's Choice Money and Miss Hospitality Money must be turned in by April 1, 2017.

If I can assist you, call me at 229-386-2681 or 229-238-2851.

I look forward to having you join us for the fun and excitement of the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant.

Dianne Dominy President/Director visit our website at

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