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The purpose of the Georgia Forestry Pageant shall be to offer educational opportunities to young ladies and promote Forestry for the State of Georgia. The Miss Georgia Forestry State Scholarship Pageant is the oldest Scholarship Pageant in the State of Georgia, going into the 68th year.  The Georgia Forestry Pageant is much more than giving crowns and trophies.  Yes, the pageant gives nice scholarships and nice prizes, but added to the list is promoting Forestry.   If you are reliable, enjoy meeting people, and making public appearances, the Georgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Association, Inc.  would love to have you come and be part of the Georgia Forestry Family and promote Georgia's Number One Industry, Forestry.   The sole purpose of the Georgia Forestry Pageant is to promote Forestry and the importance of the Forestry Industry for Georgia.  
I have listed below some common questions and contacts about the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant and the Local Forestry Pageants.  If you have a question, please feel free to contact the appropriate person that will be able to answer your questions. 
Where do I find the rules, fees, and applications for the State Forestry Pageant?
What are the duties of the State Forestry Pageant President/Director?
The State Forestry Pageant Director is in charge of the Georgia Forestry State Pageant.  All questions pertaining to the Georgia Forestry State Pageant will be answered by Dianne Dominy/State Director. 
Who is the State Director and what is the contact address?
Dianne Dominy is the State Director 
How can I start a Local Forestry Pageant in my county?
 Contact the State Director.  Local Pageants are approved by the State Director.
What is a Local Forestry Pageant?
Some counties hold Local Forestry Pageants.  These Local Forestry Pageants are independantly Directed with a Local Pageant Director and each Local Forestry Pageant is a seperate entity with each entity being run by each Local Forestry Director.  The Local Queens represent their local titles at the Miss Georgia Forestry State Pageant in June each year. 
The State Forestry Director is responsible for the State Queens and the State Pageant and is not responsible for the Local Queens and the Local Pageants.  Funds raised at the Local Forestry Pageants remains with the Local Forestry Pageant.   To contact a Local Director in your county and for your convenience we have listed local applications and rules and regulations for local pageants on our website,  each Local Forestry Pageant is a seperate entity and is run seperately by each Local Director.. 
Where do I find rules, fees, and applications for Local Forestry Pageants?
Are all Local Forestry Pageants alike?
All Local Directors have to use the same rules and regulations as the State Forestry Pageant so their queens will be eligible for the State Forestry Pageant.  Other than the rules, it is up to the Local Director on how they run their pageant, therefore all Local Pageants will not be alike.  Questions about local pageants shall be handled by the Local Pageant Directors.  The State Director does not have the authority to handle questions related to local pageants, each Local Forestry Pageant  is a seperate entity to the State Forestry Pageant.  Since each Local Forestry Pageant is a seperate entity within itself, you will have to contact the Director of each Local Forestry Pageant for information on each pageant because some pageants will be different.
What counties have Local Forestry Pageants and Who are the Directors of Local Forestry Pageants?
Madison/Elbert County/Beth Holloway-Director
Pierce County/Lynn Gaskins-Director
Bacon County/Debi Smith-Director
Ware County/Shelly Howard-Director
Wayne County/Jennifer Mosely-Director
Tift County/Dianne Dominy-Director
Worth County/Dawn Etchells-Director
Colquitt County/Denise Hicks-Director/Melissa Hicks-Co-Director
Macon County/Becky Jones-Director/Sidney Jones-Co-Director
Decatur County/Jamie Hathcoat
Bulloch County/April Morris-Director/Lydia Luke-Co-Director
Toombs County/Kerri Morrison-Director
Brantley County/Michelle Garrett-Director/Angie Taylor-Co-Director
Emanuel County/Brandi Taylor-Director
Liberty County/Gail Standard-Rita Watson-Directors
Houston County/Victoria-Ann Lovett-Director
Miller/Seminole County/-Tammy Grimsley
Berrien County/Connie Luke-Director
Tattnall County/Stacie Anderson-Director
Bryan County/April Morris-Director
Early County/Wyndey Enfinger-Director
Dougherty County/Robin Allen-Director
Evans County/June Yarbrough-Director
Jenkins County/Angi Lane-Teresa Ellison-Directors
Long County/Oreta Watson-Gail Standard-Directors
Jeff Davis/Donna Whitaker-Director/Misty Avera-Director
Mitchell Baker/April Nobles-Director
Grady/Maila Phillips Lee-Director
Thomas/Heather Porter-Director
Effingham/Lydia Luke-Director/April Morris-Co Director
Putnam/Tammy Joiner-Director
Montgomery/Lisa Dukes-Director/Kristy Herndon-Co-Director
Screven County/Stacie Anderson-Director
Bryan County/April Morris-Director
Ben Hill Irwin County/Kayla Harper-Director
Appling County/Donna Whitaker-Director/Shan Altman-Director
Burke County/Millicent Sapp-Director
Telfair County/Kimberly Gutierrez-Director
Pulaski County/Kimberly Gutierrez-Director
Jones County/Tammy Joiner-Director
Clinch County/Renee Dixon-Director
Peach County/Victoria Lovett-Director
Bibb County/Victoria Lovett-Director
Schley Sumter County/Sonya Thompson-Director
McIntosh County/Chasity Saunders-Director
Glynn County/Chasity Saunders-Director
Charlton County/Michelle Garrett-Director/Angie Taylor Co-Director
Candler County/Lisa Dukes-Director/Kristy Herndon-Co-Director
Lee County/Robin Allen-Director
Bleckley County/Victoria Lovett
How do I contact the Local Forestry Pageant Directors?
Do I have to win a pageant to compete at State Forestry?
If you have a pageant in your county, you must win a Local Pageant to compete at Miss Georgia Forestry.  If you are in college, you can be the first to enter from your college or represent the County that your college is in. Local Pageants are open to all counties in the Tiny, Little, Junior, and Teen.  Miss contestants must work, reside, or attend school or college in the county they are competing in.  If you do not have a Local Pageant in your county,  you can still represent your county at the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant, you must be the first to enter in your age group.  We only accept one contestant per county and one contestant per college.
What is the judging criteria for the Local and State Pageant?
The Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant is not a beauty pageant, it is a scholarship program.  Teen and Miss contestants are scored 25% platform speech(on the speaking ability of their speech), 25% evening gown, and 50% on private interview.  A top 10 onstage interview that counts 25% to the total scoring.  Tiny, Little, and Junior contestants are scored a 1 to 10 on personality, beauty, poise, gown, and overall appearance. 
What information goes on my Bio sheet?
Any activities and accomplishments that are important to you that you would like to share with the judges. These activities can be activities that you are currently involved in or past activities that you participated in.  The Bio sheet should be neat, preferably typed, the judges will receive a copy of these.  Always submit your current mailing address, phone number, and email address.  When furnishing information on the Bio sheet, do not exceed the lines given.
Is previous pageant experience required to compete in the Forestry Pageant?
No,  previous pageant experience is not required to compete in the Forestry Pageant.  We have many contestants to win their first pageant at the Forestry Pageant and we have many contestants who have competed all their life win the Forestry Pageant.  It all depends on the contestant's ability.
How do I book a Local or State Forestry Queen for appearances?
Have more questions, please feel free to email us:

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