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About the Pageant and meet the recipients of the Kenneth Snow Scholarships
Georgia Hope Charity Pageant


In Memory of Kenneth Snow


The Georgia Hope Charity Pageant was started in 1992 to benefit the Kenneth Snow Fund.  Kenneth Snow, a Tifton resident, had Cystic Fibrosis, and was on a waiting list for a heart and lung transplant.  Mrs. Dianne, Mrs. Judy Dale, and the Georgia Southern Sweetheart Queens that benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation started the pageant to help with Kenneth's medical expenses. The name Hope came from Kenneth's expressions of Hope and Charity came from Kenneth's love and concern for others.  For those that knew Kenneth knows that Kenneth is an angel among us, from which the theme of the pageant came.  Kenneth was very ill, but on his weakest day; always wore a halo around him.  He was a very devoted young christian man that lived each day of high hopes and dreams.  Kenneth attended his last Georgia Hope Charity Pageant in April and passed away in June.  Kenneth was very close friends with a little girl named Niki Gray, whom he had spent much time witnessing to, and helping keep her spirits up.  Niki also had Cystic Fibrosis.  When Kenneth passed away, the Georgia Hope Charity Pageant was held to benefit Niki and her family.  After Niki passed away, the Committee wanted to continue the pageant and continue Kenneth's name.  Because of Kenneth's love for the pageant and his enjoyment of watching the contestants compete, the pageant decided to continue his name with a Kenneth Snow Memorial Scholarship.  Today the proceeds from the pageant goes to the Kenneth Snow Memorial Scholarship and is sponsored by the Georgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Association, Inc.  The applicants are screened and a committee chooses the young lady that receives the scholarship.  The recipient is based on church involvement, community involvement,  GPA, love shown to her fellow mankind, and someone that is a witness to others.  We hope to add more scholarships this upcoming year.   The winner of the Kenneth Snow Memorial Scholarship is announced at the Georgia Forestry State Pageant.
We know Kenneth would be pleased with the winners.

Past Recipients: Kenneth Snow, Niki Gray, Isabella Connor, Heid Landon, Joleigh Sartiano, Jessica Stone, Shae Cowart, Rachel Petterson, Taylor Hoskins, Courtney Farrow, Lindsey Mercer, Kelly Daniel, and Joni Fulp.

Angels Among Us




Congratulations Lindsey, Kelly, and Courtney..2005 Recipients of the Kenneth Snow Scholarships!


Shae Cowart-2004 Director's Award and Kenneth Snow Scholarship

2006 Winners of the Kenneth Snow Scholarships
Congratulations to Ejaye Craig on winning the Kenneth Snow Academic Memorial Scholarship.  Ejaye represented Wayne County.
Congratulations to Marenda Ricketson on winning the Kenneth Snow Academic Scholarship for the Miss Division.  Marenda represented Coffee County.
Congratulations to Samantha Wilson on winning the Directors Award and a Kenneth Snow Memorial Scholarship.  Samantha represented Effingham County.