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2006 Winners and Runner-ups

Georgia Hope Charity Pageant



Congratulations to the Georgia Hope Charity Winners:
Baby Miss:
Queen: Trinity Wilson
1st runnerup: Alayna Cowart
2nd runnerup: Renay Patterson
3rd runnerup: Alyssa Futrill

Teeny Miss:
Queen: Lexi Rutland
Hospitality Queen: Lexi Rutland
1st runnerup: Madison Tucker
2nd runnerup: Maryssa McDaniel
3rd runnerup: Kinleigh King

Tiny Miss:
Queen: Kaycee Blalock
Ambassador Queens: Shamya and Tameya Evans
1st runnerup: Hannah Spurlin
2nd runnerup: Alexandria Coleman
3rd runnerup: Gloria McCrimmon

Little Miss:
Queen: Hannah DuPriest
1st runnerup: Charlee Norman
2nd runnerup: Katelyn Seymour
3rd runnerup: Heather Stephens

Junior Miss:
Queen: Madison Woodson
1st runnerup: Kayla Acord
2nd runnerup: Jaycee Broome
3rd runnerup: Tiffany Pitts

Teen Miss:
Queen: Lana Lequia
1st runnerup: Cybil Young

Queen: Heather Rowe
1st runnerup: Mercedes Hammock
2nd runnerup: Ashley May
3rd runnerup: Heather Porter

Queen: Dawn Etchells
1st runnerup: Shannon Rutland
2nd runnerup: Dawn Futrill

Optional Winners were as follows: Congratulations girls!
Baby Miss

Prettiest Dress, People's Choice-Renay Patterson
Prettiest Smile, Photogenic, and Best Personality-Alayna Cowart
Prettiest Face-Trinity Wilson

Teeny Miss-Prettiest Dress and Prettiest Face-Madison Tucker
Bst Personality, Photogenic, Prettiest Smile, and People's Choice-Maryssa McDaniel

Tiny Miss-Prettiest Dress, People's Choice, Prettiest Smile and Best Personality-Kaycee Blalock
Photogenic Winner-Gloria McCrimmon
Prettiest Face Winner-Alexandria Coleman

Little Miss-Prettiest Dress and Prettiest Face-Hannah DuPriest
Prettiest Smile, Photogenic, and Best Personality-Heather Stephens

Junior Miss-Talent, Prettiest Smile, Best Personality-Jaycee Broome
Prettiest Dress, Photogenic, and Prettiest Face-Madison Woodson
People's Choice-Madline Futrill

Teen Miss-Talent, Prettiest Dress, People's Choice, Prettiest Smile, Photogenic, Best Personality, and Prettiest Face-Lana Lequia

Miss-Talen Winner-Ashley May
Prettiest Dress and Prettiest Smile Winner-Heather Rowe
People's Choice Winner-Kayla Taylor
Photogenic, Best Personality and Prettiest Face-Beth Crowe

Ms.-Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Smile, Photogenic, Best Personality, and Prettiest Face-Dawn Futrill

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Georgia Hope Charity Pageant